Make A Silver Pendant Or Silver Earrings In A Day

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Design and create your choice of a silver pendant or silver earrings.
Learn and practice various techniques including:

⦁ Metal cutting – learn how to saw-pierce metal using professional jewellers’ saw frames and create decorative internal shapes

⦁ Texturing and stamping –experiment with a hammered texture, or stamping with pattern & letter stamps on metal

⦁ Drilling – use a drill to part or fully drill decorative or functional holes

⦁ Forming – use steel punches and forming tools to give a 3 dimensional element to your work

⦁ Soldering – learn to use propane torches, solder and flux and to join metal together

⦁ Finishing – learn how to file and use emery paper to give your work a final finish

⦁ Patinate – use blackening compound to highlight parts of your design (optional)

You will practice with copper prior to making your own unique silver pendant or earrings, and all materials (including the copper and silver, and access to specialist tools) and lunch are included in the fee.
*No previous experience is required.