About Us

Welcome to The House of Wool.


Just a little bit about us…we are sisters who decided buying yarn online just wasn’t cutting it!

Nicole is the dyer who spends time deciding on colour combinations for each and every skein that she dyes up. She also knits, and is learning to crochet and spin. Both of these processes have been going on for several years, but enough said about that…

Rachael’s spare time is taken up with spinning for the shop, and crocheting. As with all spinners, one wheel is never enough and to date there are seven wheels in the collection, as well as a blending board, drum carder and lots of different fibres waiting to be spun up.  

Since opening on a snowy day back in 2012, The House of Wool has become a welcoming destination for like-minded woolly craft lovers.

So join us and become a part of our journey.